What We're Fighting For

The Path toward Unionization

We are now in the fourth phase of the unionization process, with bargaining for our first contrarct underway.

The first phase began when we announced our card drive, which ended in August 2023 when we filed for an election with a majority of graduate student-workers across all departments signing union authorization cards. See our Dear Colleagues letter here.

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Why Unionize?

Without a union or a contract, our working conditions are subject to change at a moment’s notice: compensation, required fees, health insurance costs for dependents, teaching and research requirements, discrimination and harassment policies, and grievance procedures continue to change without warning and with little transparency from the administration. Many of us have tried working within the existing channels at Emory, Laney, and within our departments, only to be ignored or met with insufficient responses.

With a union, we will gain a tangible way to protect the benefits we already have as graduate-student workers and the collective leverage needed to negotiate for fairer compensation, benefits, and policies in a legal, binding contract.

We believe that all full-time PhD student-workers at Emory, including international graduate student-workers, should: 1) make a living wage, 2) be fairly compensated every time we work as teachers, researchers, mentors, instructors, and tutors, 3) have safe working environments, 4) be provided with comprehensive healthcare coverage for ourselves and our dependents, 5) have access to fair and comprehensive parental accommodations, and 6) have the protection of a union in situations involving discrimination, harassment, or any other kind of unfair treatment.

The present and future of Emory only stands to gain from a graduate-student worker union. Competitive pay and benefits will aid our departments and faculty in the recruitment process. The students we teach will have better classroom experiences when their teachers are treated fairly. The essential work of this institution will be improved by a union that grants us the support and dignity we deserve.